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3D Геоинформационный центр

Technology characteristics VR is a completely virtual environment; AR – represents a real environment with virtual digital objects; MR is a real environment with virtual objects that you can interact with. Modern technologies, including augmented, virtual and mixed reality, are rapidly developing and will soon find wide use in modern games.


VR simulator simulation situations VR STRIKE

The simulator is designed to teach combat operations and basic tactics of combat, shooting, etc. The size of the simulator is absolutely unlimited and expansion is possible. Our simulator is an advanced domestic development using advanced system components, such as: HTC Vive and the simulator uses advanced controllers in the form of weapons that convey all the sensations when shooting from a particular weapo



Cartographic production uses a lot of space survey materials, achievements of automation and computer technology. The widespread use of maps in scientific research, national economy, military affairs, transport development and many other fields of activity turns this scientific and technical direction into an important branch of economic activity.


Aerial photography

Aerial photography is photographing a territory from a certain height from the Earth's surface using an aerial camera mounted on an atmospheric aircraft (airplane, helicopter, etc. or their unmanned analogue) in order to obtain, study and present objective spatial data on the areas of the survey. The data obtained during aerial photography are especially applicable in cartography in determining the boundaries of territories, land management, species exploration, archeology, and environmental studies.


3D Holography

Similarly, consultation with a broad asset entails the process of introducing and modernizing the directions of progressive development. Everyday practice shows that the strengthening and development of the structure requires the definition and refinement of the development model.


Innovative technologies

At the moment, there are predictions on innovative forecasts and technology development for the next hundred years.The study of modern knowledge in the field of the latest technological trends, including innovation management and the organization of innovation processes – oversees a unique direction of modernist science – innovation.


Digital aeration in urban architecture

Numerically simulates unstable wind situations in urban areas or on difficult terrain in the city of Nursultan The module allows for wind analysis of any architectural structures and is a useful tool for creating a favorable urban ecosystem


Identification of areas of growth

From April to October 2016, a joint pilot project was conducted in South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions by definition coordinates of the growing areas and confirmation of the results.